Made in the USA

Our newest addition provides instant alerts in emergency situations with the push of a button. Utilizing top-of-the-line tech, and easy wearable solutions, we aim to provide quick assistance in situations where time is essential.

Small Wearable Device

Cost Effective

Instant Notification To Authorities

Emergency Management In An Instant

When every second counts, the AlertTrace Emergency Management System helps to keep your campus safe. This small, affordable panic button notifies the authorities when a life-threatening emergency occurs.

This communication system is designed to improve the outcome of emergencies by enabling faster responses and more effective emergency communication between schools, classrooms, staff, 9-1-1 call dispatchers, and incident managers.

The AlertTrace Emergency Management System is in compliance with all Alyssa’s Law criteria and guidelines.

Engineered And Made In America

Campus-Wide Coverage

No Expensive Infrastructure Needed

VOS Systems Is On A Mission To Make Your School Campus Safer

Easy Workforce Adoption

Our compact wearable is easily worn and adopted by your workforce, providing peace of mind and emergency help at their fingertips and across your campus.

Emergency Help In And Instant

With the press of a button, emergency management is on their way in an instant. A feature that can make all the difference when every second counts.

USA Innovative Technology

Our cutting edge IoT devices are designed, developed and supported in the U.S.A. to increase safety while protecting personal privacy.

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